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FAQs :

- What if I cannot repay the loan when it is due?
Simply request an extension from your lender! It couldn't be easier! Remember to contact your lender before the due date and that there will be additional fees for extending the loan.

- What are my payment options?
We will send an email 1 - 2 days prior to your due date reminding you that your loan is coming due. Your payment options are: Full payment - Your end of loan action is set to pay in full, extensions are all exhausted, or you request a pay in full via email, phone, or online chat Refinance: Pay interest only - your end of loan action is set to extend, an extension was requested via our website, phone, email, or online chat Refinance: Pay interest and part of the principal - Your end of loan action was set to extend and a partial payment was entered, an extension was requested and a partial payment was entered, or an extension was requested with a partial payment via email, phone, or online chat

- When will I receive my loan?
Your application can be processed within 30 minutes, once it has been received.** When approved, you will generally receive your loan on the next business day.* We believe in guiding our customers at every step and once you receive the loan, we will help you to schedule you repayment dates so that you won't have to worry about bounced checks or missed deadlines.

- I have very bad credit, can I still apply for an unsecured loan with your company?
YES! Our lenders specialize in helping people with bad get approved personal loans! We can even help those with bankruptcy! Apply now for a bad credit unsecured loan.

- If I already have a cash advance loan outstanding, can I still qualify?
Of course! Even with another loan outstanding you may still qualify for a cash advance loan. Just be sure to disclose the outstanding loan on your application form.

- What is a fast cash loan?
A fast cash loan is a short-term, unsecured loan that you can use when you are short of cash in between paydays. You would usually use a fast cash loan for unexpected expenses that you would normally pay for out of your regular payday check. This is a fast cash option rather than using credit cards or trying to get approval for a personal loan at a bank. It is a very quick way to get cash electronically deposited into your checking or savings account. Typically the entire process can be done online, with no fax, and no long lines to stand in. Fast cash loans must be paid back to the lender under their terms and conditions. Every lender is different, so be sure youunderstand all the terms and conditions of the loan before you agree to borrow the fast cash.

- How much does a fast cash loan cost?
There is no application fee to use this site to apply for a fast cash loan. There is no obligation to use any lender that you may be referred to from this site. Every lender has different terms and conditions for their fast cash loans. Be sure that you understand the terms, conditions, expenses, interest rates, fees, and any other costs associated with your fast cash loan before you agree to borrow from the lender

- Do I need to fax any information?
No, the application process does not require faxed documents. However, your lender may ask you to fax over certain information, such as a paystub, if they are unable to verify information in your application.

- How much can I borrow for an online cash advance ?
You can get up to $1,500 automatically deposited in yout account.

- What if I have a fixed income or benefits?
You have a steady stream of income, our lenders may be able to provide a loan to you. Enter your benefit provider as your Employer. If you do not have the telephone number of your benefit provider, enter your own telephone number. Enter the number of months you have been receiving benefits for the Months Employed.

- Can I get a cash advance loan with bad credit?
Yes you can! We does not perform credit history checks on applicants. We check a database known as the Teletrack. This is an information sharing system which is used by loan agencies to ensure that the applicant does not have any previously unpaid advance loan balances.

- What are the loan fees for the cash advance?
We works with a network of lenders whose cash advance fees are among the lowest in the payday loan industry. The fees will vary depending on which lender you are matched with.

- How long does approval take to get a fast payday loan online?
After applying for a fast payday loan online, you will usually receive approval within a few hours. You can even have yourfunds electronically deposited into your checking or savings account the same day or the next day after confirming your application information.

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